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FYIYDL Christmas Ornament (SCRATCH-N-DENT)

Sold out.

THESE ORNAMENTS ARE SCRATCH-N-DENT. The company who printed them was the only one willing to print the f-word on Christmas ornaments, and is accordingly low-quality. Please understand that there may be imperfections in the ornament, or in the printing itself, before you purchase one!

From my rap video "Fuck You If You Don't Like Christmas," it's the FYIYDLC Christmas Ornament. A beautiful satin (plastic) orb, with attached goldish thingy and small rope, to hang from your tree, or menorah, or whatever you put up in December. 

The little rope is not shown in these pics but it's included with each ornament.

Available in GOLD, SILVER, and BLUE (not pictured) colors.